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Webmasters Excuses 101

Englesos' BELIEVE IT......OR NOT!

We all make excuses, sometimes true; sometimes questionable - other times blatant porkies that need stepping on good and hard.
Here are a few you may get to hear (because I have heard them both first and second hand) and a little background for you.  Read more (952 words)

Let's talk about it

Once in a while we forget that the real goal of 99% of websites is to get the potential buyer/user/contrubutor to talk to you.
If your site is a perfect money making machine, or your clients are amazingly decisive, then I imagine the only communication you would really require is to hit the "buy" button.....   Read more (969 words)

Why aren't I rich yet?

A common misapprehension with more than a few clients is that website ownership is a three-stage process.
1. Get a site.
2. Get lots of money from site.
3. Transform your life due to massive cash injection.  Read more (1209 words)

Does Size Matter?


Probably the most anxiety provoking issue for any webmaster - and a bone of contention among web mistresses too I hear.Sadly I am here to argue that the answer is yes - it still matters and is likely to matter for quite some time to come.Once upon a time, we ... Read more (779 words)

Life, Online &The Final Reel Solution

Both daughters are pregnant crack addicts and one son has three parts killed the other in an argument over the repossession of the house through which someone was building a motorway anyway. None of this is helping the impending divorce and the seemingly incurable and probably lingeringly painful disease of ... Read more (1335 words)

Kentucky Fried Syndrome

Consider any original product - almost always it is hemmed in by a wide range of clones or wannabees. Some of these are genuinely variations on a theme showing their own originality yet pursuing a similar path. Some of them.Other products are merely poor quality copies disguised to varying degrees ... Read more (753 words)

The De-animator?

In the dim and distant past when the web was a pioneer's medium rather than just a marketing and communications tool, no website was complete without little animated.GIF figures animating the otherwise static page and highlighting static items of interest in an amusing way.  Alternatively ... Read more (708 words)

Are you a dynamic kind of guy?


I have found that there is an increasing fashion in web design - among clients - to seek dynamic solutions to their web design needs.What does all this mean?Recently I had the following conversation with a client:"I want a dynamic site because they are better.""Oh," said I, "Why do you ... Read more (584 words)

Perfectly Formed.


Recently I have found myself chewing over the pros and cons of on-line forms with a number of clients, so I thought I would set down a few points about how we really ought to be handling that critical moment when the viewer crosses that all important barrier and becomes ... Read more (695 words)

My Mother Never Had a Website.


My Mother never had a website.Its the one question that sets the average webmasters teeth on edge  Why do I actually need a website?It always strikes me as the internet equivalent to what is one plus one? Yes, I do know the answer, but when someone asks you to ... Read more (625 words)

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