More to follow....

And in with the new


Now my favourite HTML site designer offers CMS facilities then frankly the clumsiness and complexity of PHP has become a luxury I am no longer required to indulge in.

I still need to look into some form of listing program for property rental sites and the like but I doubt if that will keep me awake at nights  :-)

Enough is as good as a f&^%%"n feast, people.


For the last good long while I have enjoyed a love-hate relationship with PHPwebsite as an easily usable, inexpensive way of getting on-line with a viable CMS (Content Management System).  Simple, reliable and with a wealth of modules to perform a wide range of tasks, "How cool is this?" I thought.  And I was right.


At least for a little while......

Why is there always a "but...."


I am a Chrome fan, although I think it is another step in Googles search for dominance of the internet - what am I saying?  Google already has us all by the balls and in a little while will probably stop smiling and start to squeeze.


Anyway, I like Chrome, but......

And your soul is MINE webmaster


I wrote this post once before but PHPWS's article system decided I did not need it any more - the system rather than the article. Since setting down my virtual pen on the issue I found more and more instances cropping up in these cash strapped times.


So here we go again.....

From scratch - or even worse.


Sometimes it helps when a punter has his artwork set to go - logo, colour scheme etc.

It means less work for theory.

Non-Standard Browser blues


Whatever the hell non-standard means in these multi-platform times.

Gone fishing.


Planning a website?  Or is this just a fishing expedition where we bung all sorts of borrowed stuff against a digital wall and hope what sticks looks OK?  I'll just run around ironing out compatability issues until you change your mind again....

The times are indeed a-changin.


The web design model in Cyprus seems to be pretty much a-blowin in the wind.  Mind you, life seems pretty fluid at the best of times so I guess that's to be expected.