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There was a time when if it worked on Internet Explorer, it worked more or less everywhere.


Then after a few successive foul-ups by Microsoft's code wranglers left gaping security/usability problems unanswered, the door was more than ajar for Firefox, Mozilla and anyone else who fancied a shot to come up with a browser to further fragment the market.  Not to mention the rise of the i-Pad and Android tablets as well.
Then along came Chrome - Microsoft's probable Nemesis at some future point in time - and the idea of a website that everyone could see on any browser was starting to become problematical unless you built the thing in Flash and hoped to hell the security warnings and long download times and plug-in problems were not too off-putting for the punters.


Somewhere a line has to be drawn such that we accept that if you are using Netscape Navigator you cannot reasonably expect the average website to look anything like it should unless the site was designed in 1990 as well.


What can you reasonably expect from your shiny new website - especially in the new era of mobile internet usage?  Where should it work and where should your web-master be permitted to look pained and say "Well, come on...."


I suggest this:


Your website should be usable on the following devices :-


  • PC with up-to date software (Chrome browser, IE8 at least or Firefox if you really must)

  • I-Pad

  • Android tablet.


Usable means that it should look good and function properly - minor variations with the animations of clever menu systems may occur but should not spoil the browsing experience.

Expect problems with antique browsers (i.e. no longer supported software) and smartphones where the formatting of the site on a tiny screen may confuse things somewhat.  Android and I-Phone are pretty well behaved about this - but older phones with non-standard browsers are less so.


Hopefully as time goes by we will get some viable set of standards to work to but until Android finally wipes the board - there we are  :-)


Non-Standard Browser blues


Whatever the hell non-standard means in these multi-platform times.

 We said it wouild be mobile - No-one said practical.















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