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Enough is as good as a f&^%%"n feast, people.


For the last good long while I have enjoyed a love-hate relationship with PHPwebsite as an easily usable, inexpensive way of getting on-line with a viable CMS (Content Management System).  Simple, reliable and with a wealth of modules to perform a wide range of tasks, "How cool is this?" I thought.  And I was right.


At least for a little while......

The system had a considerable following and saw wide use, not perhaps as much as one of the bigger names but with PHPWS the learning curve was such that Joe Public was up and running on their own site after a single afternoons intensive chatting over a cup of coffee. 
Pain free and no worries.


Then suddenly it underwent a major update, all ties with the past were severed and a new bigger and brighter version was cranked out.  Fools. 
Those punters they did not loose to the competition now had to make do with a whole new system to learn, zero plugins and no valid way to convert between old sites and new unless you wanted to invest serious time and effort doing so - and at the risk of the whole shebang going up in smoke leaving you to explain to dissatisfied punters what the hell went wrong - as if I knew


The sudden nature of the change and the new personalities that emerged from the wreckage suggested to me  more a techy coup d'état rather than the evolution that you would prefer from a product into which you had invested time and effort.
Nothing slams my brakes on faster than uncertainty, an unstable future with no past to back you up and very little in the pipeline to recommend hanging on in there.  One or two members of the community made significant efforts to stay on board but despite their significant efforts I view the PHPWS as effectively dead.


The forum for the system has been down for the past six months  or so and I think that this more or less underlines the demise of PHPWS as a viable CMS alternative.  Then the article system on my site went down for good as well - thank God my site was the only site I was using it on at the time.


Requiescat in pace guys, an on-line monument to the fact that if it isn't broke - you shouldn't try to fix it.


I liked HTML better anyway.

Go ahead - if you think its safe...















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