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There is a certain charm to spontaneity - but organised spontaneity is something I have doubts about.


You can throw up a website in a few hours if you are just running up a blog from a template or just want a personal site to say "Hi" to the world.  But when you are a commercial concern, you need to think it through somewhat more otherwise things tend to get complex.


When the website is required to bring together a number of disciplines - design, coding and on-line billing systems - then a  mismatched patchwork of ideas pulled from other peoples sites is unlikely to get you far unless some element of flexibility is applied together with a realisation that every change will effect the whole and so willy nilly "that looks good on their site" needs to be tempered with "where/how will it fit in with the rest of the stuff on mine?"  Its a global thing.
Seeking inspiration and ideas is cool - vacuum-cleaner style poly-plagiarism is a recipe for a total mess.


Where a comittee is involved we find that finally the penny having dropped with one individual, he goes back to the committee and after spending ten days contemplating the obvious - they outvote him. 

Tell me the committee system ISN'T the triumph of the many over

the savvy?

Gone fishing.


Planning a website?  Or is this just a fishing expedition where we bung all sorts of borrowed stuff against a digital wall and hope what sticks looks OK?  I'll just run around ironing out compatability issues until you change your mind again....

A car driven by a committee.















The goal needs to be kept in mind and sulking is seldom a substitute for determination nor a degree an answer for the fact you have no clue as to what you are doing but none the less you want to act as if you do. Dude, it's only yourself you are fooling.
The result is the goal and the designer is the route - because otherwise you would be doing this yourself.

I still argue that the difference between the pro designer and the committed amateur is the speed with which design goals are achieved and the amount of trial and error that you can avoid en route.  A certain knowledge of what those goals could be aids the mix as well.  Logic and forethought are not the exclusive province of the pro designer, but properties that can be employed by anyone with a brain and a reasonable idea of what the hell they are seeking to achieve and how. 
And just for the record, lets say it again - in a single design project everything effects everything so gratuitous experimental tinkering comes at a price.


Thus you will be waiting even longer for the pleasure of finishing your site out and deciding it should be green after all, no red, no blue, no........back to the committee......I liked the other one but I want the other other menu but taller....the webmaster said call him when we get through farting around....no time soon then.....