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....like the Apple Safari browser it really screws with your layers!


You want to drop a menu in front of an animation or a banner changer with a touch of transparency to give the look depth, and IE9 says OK, fine and just does it.  No drama.  Micro$oft getting it right for once.


OK sez the client, but in Firefox (is anyone still using that?) there is no menu - it just isn't working.


Rats.  OK, I'll look at it.  Sure enough (in Chrome - I will not install just anything on my PC)  it appeared they were right, the drop-downs were gone.....and yet it DID work because I could see it in IE.

The code was not that complex, go figure.  And then the proverbial penny dropped.  The menu was working perfectly - Chrome and presumably Firefox had decided to drop the rotating banner (an image that changed every five seconds) in front of the menu rather than behind as I had specified and so had hidden it from view.


Chrome, come on, wake up guys.  If you plan on ruling the internet these details matter.


Unless you figure you already rule the internet in which case we can all go s^%£w and we can take our complaints with us too.


(Trust me - with cloud computing and android laptops, unless Windows gets clever their days are seriously numbered.)

Why is there always a "but...."


I am a Chrome fan, although I think it is another step in Googles search for dominance of the internet - what am I saying?  Google already has us all by the balls and in a little while will probably stop smiling and start to squeeze.


Anyway, I like Chrome, but......

My kind of layers - and in the correct order too.















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