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I need to mess with the system fairly thoroughly before I can declare myself fully happy with the state of play, but this is one of the reasons I have rebuilt this site in HTML so I can use it as a test bed for ideas and to push the envelope on this technology as far as I need it to go.  Plus - in common with most divorces (I imagine) it is best that once you make the break, you really ought to move out!


Numerous WordPress plug-ins exist (WordPress is mature and stable as systems go) if i need something of the sort and many independent sites offer facilities like booking systems and hotel reservations that you can plug-in to the design of your site.  Frankly - how tough can it be?


I think this is going to be fun!

And in with the new


Now my favourite HTML site designer offers CMS facilities then frankly the clumsiness and complexity of PHP has become a luxury I am no longer required to indulge in.

I still need to look into some form of listing program for property rental sites and the like but I doubt if that will keep me awake at nights  :-)

I'll just slip away quietly...















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