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From scratch - or even worse.


Sometimes it helps when a punter has his artwork set to go - logo, colour scheme etc.

It means less work for me......in theory.

You mean this look isn't tastefully understated?

In practice it would not be the first time some poor customer has been stuck with some God-awful rubbish as a logo on which to base a gut-wrenchingly awful, cliché ridden corporate image that will take down the most robust business plan *SPLAT* before it ever gets off proverbial the starting blocks.
I was working on a presentation about modern nursing for a conference in Cyprus and what was the most original, modern, nursing-flavoured thing the brochure designer could find?

A 1 B.C. statue of APHRODITE! Stagger backwards clutching at forehead oh MAN!! Just no way dude - Aphrodite and Cyprus - revolutionary concept!
Eye catching, memorable, gosh I'm going all wobbly. Hey! Check this! Now we get all the speakers to turn up wrapped in just a bedsheet and olive leaves and we'll be able to theme the whole event!

Now pardon me while I pop out for something soothing and medicinal.......I think I'm having a crisis.....there's even a grammatical error in the text.....forget the ice, its fine as it is......


It's difficult to say to a new client "Dude - sorry but this sucks" when the poor individual has laid out their hard earned cash on the cliche ridden eyesore and assumed either he was an unsophisticated clod because he didn't get the point himself, or else that a designer would naturally produce quality work rather than indifferent tosh thrown together in fifteen minutes (and despite the fact that they were being paid more than enough for something decent).

And that's all assuming the punter WANTS to face the possibility that they were sc%$wed by an indifferent and/or cynical designer. Plenty don't. Would you?
Further - if half the job already went to print anyway its just to late to grumble this far past the proverbial point of no return so why kneecap the punters' confidence in the project to no good effect?

As I have grumbled in the past - a groovy office does not imply talent. It implies money, specifically yours. Remember Kentucky Fried Syndrome.


With this in mind, from scratch projects have a certain charm as we can get together with our best friend the punter, think it through, come up with an idea or two that offend neither the eye, the pocket or indeed the I.Q. then get the guy to make some money and darn good luck to him.

I have two of these up and running at this time and very happy it makes me too - once they get out of beta - you can see them too - OK?


No, I love it - just pass the bucket.....















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