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Initially everyone was banging out cheap and cheerful amateur websites and changing truly vast amounts of money for them.  Most of them looked like crap, worked intermittently and offended the design senses of anyone who knew anything about the web - but they cost so much that company policy was more or less "love it or leave".


Flash appeared and we had a whole new technology to do exactly the same thing with.


Then the web came of age and a bunch of halfwits with degrees came in and told the public that they knew what was best by virtue of their superior education, cute secretary and office in Nicosia and thus the cycle repeated again. 


This was the one that puzzled me since the internet is about 20 years old and I guess it must take about five years at least to become sufficiently knowledgeable to teach to degree level.  So where to they get the brass balls to claim to teach web design to degree level?  Plus the web is changing so fast re technologies and SEO techniques that as soon as you write the book.....its outdated.


But - and here's the interesting bit - I have recently been contacted by old friends who have travelled the amateur - animated amateur - overqualified amateur route and an awareness seems to be dawning

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The times are indeed a-changin.


The web design model in Cyprus seems to be pretty much a-blowin in the wind.  Mind you, life seems pretty fluid at the best of times so I guess that's to be expected.

Just having a WTF moment.....hang on......

that just maybe the link between geographic location of the designer's office, money charged and quality of the final result is not as cut and dried as we are led to believe.  Intelligent questions and informed opinions are appearing on the scene and it gladdens the proverbial heart to respond to these meaningful exchanges.


Money is going to be hellish tight for the foreseeable future now, although this new state of affairs pre-dates the Europe-induced crash, but one hopes that poverty will cause people to ask harder questions about what they are getting for their hard earned dosh requiring web masters of the frills and furbelows but otherwise meaningless school to justify some of their more excessive actions and hiding behind phrases like "studies have shown that...." aint going to cut it.


Oh joyous day - over priced bullshit about the web is apparently going out of fashion and the endless cycle of con on swindle on cheat that harms the industry so deeply is perhaps on the way out......