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I divide the internet into users, and Users. A third group exists, but not on-line – these are the non-users
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The non-users are the borderline phobics who avoid the internet as the incomprehensible, money-sucking techno-jungle it sometimes seems to be. Nothing more than a fashionable gimmick for exploitation by the technically elite "in" crowd - with themselves very much numbered in the "out" crew.
The techno-jungle myth is perpetuated by “Users” who seek to create an artificial need for essentially hyperpriced and/or unnecessary services that they alone can sell to clients -  “users” – who finally run out of faith, money or patience and eventually become thoroughly discouraged feeling quite rightly that they have been used.... and often wind up militant non-users.


Speaking as someone with a major vested interest in ever increasing numbers of people wanting to use the internet and ideally having a website (two websites would be better) I see this as a breathtakingly short-sighted and totally counter-productive approach to the future of the internet in Cyprus or indeed anywhere else on the planet.
So - on this site are articles I have written with this issue in mind and a bunch of free software you are most welcome to help yourself to, please enjoy :-)


From used to power user is a far shorter step than you might imagine - blow away the hype and empower yourself.

HOW much?

Let's all go a little crazy and think about messing with the wide range of possibilities between "corporate bland" sites from mass produced templates and "design extravaganzas" that initially impress and subsequently frustrate, especially when you get the bill from the designer for the updates.
These polar extremes of web design are all too common - and seldom successful.


The four L's are the driving principals - Loadable, Legible, Logical and Liveable.

The site needs to load fast on any reasonable connection, read well and be clear in terms of meaning and intent from the first glance, make sense to read and to navigate and (flash intro users take note) not wear out the viewers patience until they would rather boil their head than put up with another visit to your slow, hard to understand, bemusing, frustrating and essentially annoying on-line presence that your web-master was so happy to sell to you. 
Price or use of specific technologies is not evidence of quality any more than the size or location of the webmaster's office - it tends more to be evidence of the client's lack of research. (he said, diplomatically)

Using, users and the used


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